2021 C.A.R. Rising Star, Jessica Waggoner!

👋🏻 Hi! I’m Jess 👋🏻

The California Association of Realtors just named me one of their Rising Stars for my work in 2019 + 2020. How cool is that?!?

I look back on my career in real estate - I’m rounding out my third year - and my work in the past years wasn’t just me.

Let’s talk about the hundreds (hundreds?!? Yup.) of clients that said YES to working with me and our insanely dedicated team. 👏🏻

Let’s talk about our insanely dedicated team! A group of upstanding and intelligent people who deeply care about our clients and our community. 👏🏻

And let’s talk about Alissa and Maggie, who said YES to bring in me on as a Partner - a huge leap of faith and an act of generosity that doesn’t make sense…I strive every day to make my work live up to that leap of faith. 👏🏻

Ultimately, I think my work stems from the fact that I’ve been a homebuyer, I’ve been a home seller, I’ve walked that path. I was in the trenches, homeschooling two elementary age darling girls through the pandemic and daring to not compromise our work ethic despite the additional pressures. Standing next to my friends as they took on that same dare and supporting each other through the good and bad.

As an East Bay native, I love my deep roots. I love that I run into people I know every time I leave the house - the grocery store, the DMV, the parks - this is my home.

I’m grateful for the recognition of this award and it only motivates me to keep at it!