All About Annie: Spotlight on a Local Legend

This week, we want to shine a light on someone near-and-dear to us - an innovator and entrepreneur who paved the way for native, rare, and heirloom plants for California gardeners.

The iconic Annie Hayes of Annie’s Annuals has entrusted us with the sale of her beloved Richmond bungalow and curated garden. We were deeply honored, to say the least.

Over the nearly 30 years of ownership, Annie created an East Bay institution in Annie’s Annuals. Recipient of the Martha Stewart American Made award in 2015, an award granted to the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs, Annie’s contribution to diversifying home gardens is palpable and widespread. A few years after its sale, her nursery continues to provide access to cottage-garden heirlooms of over 1,000 varieties, thanks to her vision and hard work.

Annie’s start was modest. She was inspired by a friend who was growing starts on the rooftop of her three story walkup in Oakland. Annie took one look at her own backyard and thought, “I can do this.” That afternoon, she collected seeds and nested them in plastic trays with high hopes of starting her own garden. Three days later, her cat Jupiter walked on top of the tray (as cats do), and inadvertently taught Annie the benefit of tamping down the soil, as the starts emerged from the footprints. Thus, her lifelong curiosity and inventiveness began.

Annie says, “You just got to love people who do just one thing in the world, and that’s just what they do. They are so into it - and they are so full of life, and spark, and everything cool because nothing can rain on their parade!”

Thank you for your legacy, Annie. And thank you for your partnership. We are beyond thrilled to present your special, special home.