🎨 Celebrate Color 🎨

With so many buyers starting their home search online, color is a simple way to make a big impact and to render your property memorable long after buyers have navigated away from the site. And, grabbing the attention of interested buyers online is paramount in today’s market and is a key component of a successful home sale.

Color grabs people’s attention in the most subtle ways and evokes an emotional response of warmth, calm, and energy. A warm green paint color in a bedroom brings in the garden. A soft blue is calming and inviting. A bold accent wall can provide tremendous interest and offer a stylish, modern look. Furthermore, color directs the eye — it can pull visitors towards a view, make sense of an otherwise awkward space, unify the design, and can create a greater sense of space.

The best part? Painting with the right colors is one of the least expensive ways to transform a space, and no improvement provides a better return. It’s often the simple things that make the biggest impact.

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*All photos are from a selection of listings that set record sales prices for their respective neighborhoods.