Communication, Reputation, and Relationships

A fellow agent recently texted, "It's such a relief when I see you as the listing agents for a home my client is considering. I know that when I have a question, I will get a thorough, honest, and timely response from you. I marvel at the fact that you are never too busy to answer your phone or respond to emails right away."

It may seem simple, but most agents ignore the simplest ways to impact their client's outcome: communication, reputation, and relationships.

As we shift into a harder market, the quality of agent will become increasingly important. You will need an agent that is well networked, communicates well, and has developed more nuanced negotiating skills.

We consistently work to reinforce our reputation within our real estate community as honest, communicative, thorough, and kind agents. Because being someone that other agents trust and want to work with gives us a step up every time.