Double-Ending, and Why We Won’t Do It

Sellers often ask whether we represent buyers on our own listings. Our answer is a clear NO. Dual agency is legal in California, but our policy is to never represent a buyer on our listings. We love working with buyers and sellers, but never on the same property!

The reason for this policy is twofold:

1. Because we are committed to providing the best representation possible, we believe that we cannot properly represent and advise our sellers if we have a direct interest in the other party’s outcome. As a seller, you want your agent to go to bat for you without equivocation.

2. Our market is driven by competition. If we were to develop a reputation for selling our own listings, other agents could regard our listings as preferentially being sold by our offers, and therefore, be disinclined to submit their own offers!

Every decision we make, no matter how small, is orchestrated to benefit you, our client. You can trust that the successful outcome on your home sale - and your home sale, only - is our laser focus and our commitment.