MAJ Speaks: How to be Successful in this Market: Decisiveness, Confidence, and Certainty

Updated: Mar 28

In the past several months, we discussed the “secret sauce” needed for both sellers and buyers to be successful in this fast-paced market…decisiveness, confidence, and certainty.

As a buyer, it’s crucial that your confidence in the home is high - it’s the right place at the right time, and you have set yourself up for success by bringing a competitive offer.

As a seller, having the certainty that now is the right time to sell can get you off the fence for one of the biggest life decisions you can make - moving and selling your home.

But we live in inherently uncertain times. How is it possible to buy and sell when it’s the right time for you, but the world feels topsy-turvy?

Through the recession, the fires, the pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine, we coach our clients to cut through the noise, and focus. Because here’s the thing: there are things you CAN control, and things you can NOT control. Spending energy and worry on the world of items that you can not control is unproductive and takes you away from your path.

But narrowing in on the world of what you can control can give you agency in your decision-making. No matter how uncertain or chaotic the world may be, you can make better and higher-quality decisions by zeroing in on your own path - in spite of the uncertainty.

At this rate, the world feels like it will perpetually surprise us - who knows what’s around the corner? But if you have a life goal of buying or selling a home, it’s possible to achieve that goal despite circumstance. The simple practice of focusing on the world of what you can control is an effective way to get there.