MAJ's 101 Series: For the Buyers

This week, Jess walks you through the home search process. For those of you who have been scrolling through Redfin and Zillow, and you’re not sure what the next steps in a home search are, this video is for you!

1) Understand your priorities as a buyer, what you need out of a home, and your long-term goals.

2) Get educated. Learn what it means to be competitive in our very unique inner-East Bay market. Familiarize yourself with the necessary contracts, contingencies, pricing strategy, market value, and appraised value.

3) Start touring with your agent! It’s important to tour with your agent in-person so they can see your reactions to homes and learn about your likes and dislikes.

4) Tour as many homes as you can by yourself during broker’s tour and weekend open houses. Use collaborative programs such as RealScout to directly communicate with your agent and track new homes as soon as they hit the market.

5) Review the disclosures with your agent and write a competitive offer with your agent to score your dream home!

From home-seeker to homeowner, we are here for you every step of the way!