MAJ's 101 Series: Market Seasonality

In this week’s MAJ 101 Series, Jess breaks down market seasonality - what buyers and sellers can expect in the coming months as we enter the holiday season and why the spring market is always so hot!

Historically, the spring market enjoys the most number of homes sold and highest median sales prices for the year. We’ll break down what the drivers are for those high sales prices and why it benefits most sellers to list their home in the spring.

From a buyer’s perspective, inventory will seem the most scarce during the winter, but this cycling is normal and anticipated - most sellers will hold onto their listing until the spring so the number of new houses drops significantly after Thanksgiving. Spring houses typically have universal appeal. They are renovated, move-in ready, and in great locations. So while you may have more competition in a new year, you also have better options! Meantime, don’t lose hope if you see a decrease in the number of new listings, it will bounce back in late January.