MAJ Speaks: Every Home Has a Story

Updated: Apr 26

This much, we know is true: every home has a story.

We always look for the things that make a home special. Sometimes it's the light that spills into the kitchen in the late summer morning, sometimes it's the spring garden and the smell of jasmine in the air, and sometimes the features of the home itself are what shine.

We recently celebrated the sale of a French Normandy home in El Cerrito that wowed everyone. This style was popular in 1927 (when this home was built) but it was never the most prominent architecture in the area. That made this listing special.

After preparing hundreds of homes for the market, we knew that the special characteristics of this home would allow it to stand out in the marketplace, make it memorable for prospective buyers, and allow them to connect with the home in the same way that we did on our very first visit.

This home’s strength is in its uniqueness. Sure enough, every buyer and agent conversation included compliments about the home’s vintage, its history, and the draw for a buyer to pursue a home that’s a little bit different.

As with people, we believe that diversity in a home is a gift.

2317 Mono Avenue

Listed: $949,999

Sold: $1,750,000