MAJ Speaks: Supporting our Buyers

Everyone knows that this is a tough market for buyers. Competition is fierce, and homes are complicated. In our area, the vast majority of homes are over 70 years old and winning offers are typically non-contingent - giving new meaning to buying “as-is”. Making a quick decision to purchase the largest asset that you’ve ever bought can turn even the most experienced buyer’s stomach.

But have no fear! There are many ways to set yourself up for success, despite the challenges. Given that it’s common to see a home only once, sometimes twice, before making an offer, how can you possibly know it’s “the one” in that short timeframe? It all boils down to a Design Conversation at the beginning of your search.

The first thing we do with our buyers - before seeing any homes - is we sit down and talk. We talk about life plans, about home buying as a way to create a safe haven for a life, about your investment strategies and longer-term goals. We want to know what your ideal Sunday morning, family birthday party, and daily commute look like to better understand the home that will support your dreams. We get clarity on location and proximity to friends, activities, and community.

Eventually we learn that you want a “three bedroom and two bath home with a view and a low maintenance backyard that’s good for entertaining”. But the most important information is often less about the home itself, and more about the life you want to live.

If you are crystal clear on your priorities, you’ll be able to navigate the many options that the market will bring.

If you have clarity on your priorities, you will have the confidence to be decisive.

And decisiveness is one of the most important keys to successful home-buying.