The Head, the Heart, and the Gut

Buying or selling a house takes guts. It takes a dose of bravery, risk-tolerance, and a vision of a better future. It’s not for the faint of heart. And it demands a cool head.

See what we did there? It’s cheeky, but it’s true (ok, I’ll stop with the body parts).

What we’re seeing in our most successful buyers is a simple skill that we want to share with you today in the hopes that it will help you - as a current/future buyer or seller - when you, too, have to make a big leap.

Step one: Know thyself. Are you someone who navigates the world through critical thinking, spreadsheets, pro/con lists, and analysis? Or are you someone who relies on feeling, connection, and that “click” to assure you of your next move?

Neither of these paths are wrong, in fact both are necessary.

Step two: Try out another navigation. If you’re a spreadsheet gal, challenge yourself to go for a walk and feel out the neighborhood you’re considering. Call that trusted friend and talk about the big decision to move away and sell your home. Step into another way of decision-making.

And if you’re a gut/heart kind of guy, rely on trusted advisors to guide you from a tax perspective, a lender, a financial advisor, and of course your Realtor. And then, here’s the hard part, TRUST THEM. You may have butterflies in your stomach and a racing heart, but sometimes the numbers don’t lie.

Because here’s the truth.

There is no magic 8 ball or tarot card that will definitively tell you that now is the right time or that this is the right house. It is an unrealistic expectation to think that you’ll be 100% sure. So, waiting for that “ah-ha” moment when the stars align and everything clicks into place may be futile.

Instead, home buying and home selling is borne by a dose of intuition, great advisors and guides (we can help with that), and a personal need to buy or sell that has you endure the unknown and recognize the opportunity living inside the unknown.