We Love Our Team

We love our crew! Our amazing gardener/landscaper, PJ, is simply the best. She has a keen eye for design and knows just how to make every one of our listings shine. We are so grateful she is a part of our incredible, hard-working team!

An interview with PJ:

MAJ: How did you get into gardening/landscaping and turn it into your business?

PJ: I followed a beauty to England and lived there with her for a while. She was very into gardening and I instantly fell in love with it as well. I've always liked gardening, but became passionate about it after my time in England. I also worked with an amazing landscaper in San Francisco for a while tending to beautiful yards for prominent clients. I learned so much from her and have never had any formal training. Maggie taught my kids at school and that's how I became connected with the MAJ team. The rest is history!

MAJ: What is your favorite local plant shop?

PJ: I love Westbrae Nursery because it is small and intimate. The owners know me by name! I also love Annie's Annuals for their incredible selection of plants. It's such a beautiful place to visit.

MAJ: Do you enjoy gardening at home, or do you prefer not to since you garden at listings every day?

PJ: I love gardening at home and wish I had more time for it. I recently planted tomatoes and would like to plant more veggies. I love having beauty all around me and admiring my garden through my oversized windows.

MAJ: What is your favorite part about your job?

PJ: Everything. Gardening is my happy place. My son jokes that I get into my "plant trance" when picking out plants to buy for listings. Clients tell me what is important to them and I go off of that. I'm a visual person and I eyeball everything without creating a list or making sketches. I'm a very "go with the flow" kind of person and the landscape designs just come to me in the moment.

MAJ: What are some good, easy outdoor plants for beginners living in the East Bay?

PJ: Smoke bush, lemon trees, salvias, sage, anything from the Ribes and Madrone families, red currant, strawberry tree, buckeyes, redbuds, olive trees, drought-resistant natives, and really any kind of tree for shade and water conservation.

MAJ: What do you love about the East Bay?

PJ: I love the diversity and quirkiness. Every home looks different from the next, each with their own character and style. People here aren't afraid to paint with color and express themselves.