We’ve Got You Covered.

From the recession to the unforgettable 2020 pandemic and fires, we have seen it all. And we have grown from those times and are well-equipped to support our clients no matter what is thrown our way.

When the world sheltered in place for Covid, we were the first to recognize the importance of bringing homes to life through screens - so that buyers could effectively shop from the safety of their own homes. We branched out with 3D technology to enable “visitors” to feel how our listings flow. We leveraged our experience with video to reach buyers moving from out of the area to our East Bay community, painting a picture of what life looks like in our East Bay communities. We embraced virtual open houses, found new ways to network, adjusted listing strategies, and implemented safety protocols.

Lately, we have heard more and more from clients worried about wildfires, air quality, and the impact on home sales. While the data says that fire season does not negatively impact home sale prices, we do advise that our clients remain nimble and responsive - if the skies are orange on photoshoot day, it’s best to postpone until clear skies emerge. Flexibility is the key!

We have an extensive toolbox of strategies, born by decades of experience, and we are excited to craft a plan for every type of home in every type of market - with you.