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How lucky are we? We get to live in an area that truly feels like home, help clients like you navigate one of life’s biggest events beautifully, and be part of a dynamic partnership. We are Maggie, Alissa and Jessica - East Bay residents, real estate experts, and a top 5 team in the East Bay.


We’re alike and we’re different, and that’s why we work together so successfully. We’re all doers, communicators, extremely capable, truly genuine, and we take tremendous pride in the job we do. We’re also real—focused on the market and ensuring the best possible outcome, but also trusted friends who can get a laugh just when you need it.

We know that choosing a real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Most people look for experience, skill, an amazing track record, and also the feeling that these agents get me and what I need. With every client, it’s our mission to deliver all of this and more. Highly skilled, incredibly trustworthy, and slightly sassy. Sound like the East Bay real estate team you’re looking for?


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Maggie Resnik & Alissa Custer