Local Business Spotlight: Concrete Collaborative

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to tour the beautiful showroom of Concrete Collaborative in San Francisco! Concrete Collaborative is a family-run company that manufactures every kind of surface you could imagine including next generation concrete and terrazzo floor & wall tiles, exterior pavers & pool copings, countertops & vanities, stair-treads, wall textures, patterned encaustic cement tiles, breeze-blocks & poured-in-place toppings - all in a range of modern colors, unique natural stone aggregates and tactile textures.

According to co-founder Kate Balsis, “Not all concrete is created equal. The most important thing is understanding mixes—our mixes are very high-density for low porosity, so it’s not what people have experienced before with concrete. It’s highly engineered to be used in spaces like countertops and bathrooms. Synthetic products are much easier to control. Concrete is sort of like wood in a sense because there are so many natural variables occurring; it’s not easy to work with—it’s a bit of an art, and a bit of a science.”

All of the company’s products are made from responsibly sourced raw materials, such as premium cement, refined sand, and natural stone aggregates, which are then combined into a high density mix engineered for superior performance. Concrete Collaborative’s factory also uses a closed loop system to re-capture water, recycle concrete waste, and air cure products to eliminate carbon emissions that result from baking or firing.

When walking around the showroom, you will see many unique and contemporary styles on display, from their iconic terrazzo look to specialized designs from designer collaborations and partnerships. But interior design is not their only specialty - visit concretelove.com to shop their separate line of concrete home goods, candles, jewelry, and decor items which can also be purchased in their showroom.

The next time you’re in San Francisco, make a trip to Concrete Collaborative to check out everything this incredible company has to offer!

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Watch our Instagram reel from our trip to Concrete Collaborative!

Photo of the buyer of our Hans Ostwald mid-century listing featured on Concrete Collaborative’s website! This gorgeous home was renovated with the Solana line. Follow along with them on Instagram at baumhausmodern!