We take immense pride in the guidance, skill, and service that we provide to our clients. Although we can tell you all about how amazing we are (so humble!) nothing compares to hearing it directly from our past clients.

Client Testimonials:

"Hiring Maggie Resnick and Alissa Custer to sell my father's house was a great decision that yielded positive returns, big and small. Not only did the property sell for substantially more than expected, but they made the entire process nearly painless. They communicated clearly at each step of the way from initial conversations about possibly representing me right on through escrow--listening and respecting my wishes, but also bringing their knowledge to bear to maximize the sale price. The team of talented people they have at their fingertips repaired and renovated the house and garden better than I would have dreamed possible. That combined with the great staging and landscaping had an effect that was almost magical in its transformation. To achieve those results with considerable work on my part would have been well worth it, but Maggie and Alissa handled all the logistics. Such a breeze! For good cheer, local knowledge, and powerful realtor skills, you can't do better. Thanks!"

-Dinah Sanders


"Alissa is an incredibly effective, personable realtor and project manager.  Recently, we moved from the Bay Area to Colorado and hired Alissa and her partner, Maggie Resnick to sell our home, a seemingly daunting task.  We took the leap of faith and followed their recommendations, all while we were in another state. Putting our trust in her and Maggie was the best decision we ever made.  Our house sold for more then we had imagined and I really credit that to Alissa and Maggie. We kinda love them! My husband and I highly, highly recommend her!!!"

--Maki Grossnick


"My sister and I recently worked with Alissa to sell a house we inherited and we couldn't be happier with the process and results!! We got multiple strong offers and closed in 2 weeks for 26% over the list price. And we felt great about the path to get there!

We feel extremely lucky to have worked with Alissa and to have gotten these results in what seems like a softening market. Many other similar homes in the area are still on the market, more than a month after we closed. Alissa is a real gem - incredibly competent, ethical, and a joy to work with. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and will recommend her to everyone I know who plans to buy or sell a house in the area.


Having never purchased or sold a home before, we really needed someone we trusted to guide us through the process. After interviewing several agents we chose Alissa for her excellent track record in El Cerrito, her thoughtful proposal for preparing and marketing our house, her no-nonsense communication style and her down to earth personality. We had extremely high expectations and Alissa far exceeded them all! My sister and I wanted to be more involved than the average sellers, due to our personalities and our emotional feelings about the house our parent left us. Alissa met us where we were - she facilitated our involvement in the process while at the same time guiding and advising us on the best decisions to ensure a successful sale. She was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the sales process (and has the contacts and confidence to reach out to other experts when needed); she was thoughtful, communicative, collaborative, and strategic throughout and a very good listener, which is part of what made her an extremely capable and level-headed problem solver whenever an issue arose. She also has a great team of folks to help prep the house and excellent relationships with other agents, all of which helped us secure such strong offers. Thank you Alissa - we could not have done it without you!"


-Jen Lifshay


"Alissa is absolutely amazing to work with, and gets amazing results. I hired her to sell our first home, which had been a rental for the last several years.


She came up with several options to get it ready for sale, with her eye always laser-focused on how the investment would translate into sale price. She moved extremely quickly to get people in to do the work, and it was on the market quickly. I was not interested in day-to-day decisions, and she handled them flawlessly, being sure to reach out in the one case where there was a small cost difference.


Alissa takes her marketing seriously too, and has her finger on the pulse of current trends. She turned around a very professional and appealing video about our house in just a few days, and gave that and the photo ads a viral life online. The open houses were absolutely packed.


We closed in under 3 weeks at close to 40% over asking. I couldn't have been happier."


-Carla Silvey


"In 2017 my husband and I worked with Alissa Custer and her partner Maggie Resnick to sell our two-houses-on-one-lot property in northern El Cerrito.  Both Maggie and Alissa were there for us the whole 6 months it took to arrive at a fabulous presentation, and a successful sale at a good price. The property was unusual and presented a number of challenges, each of which was handled professionally and efficiently.  It even turned out to be fun for me a lot of the time, thanks to their communication skills and supportive attitude. I couldn't recommend them more highly. For sure, I'd use them again."


-Lee Olivier


"My husband and I began working with Alissa and her partner, Maggie, on the sale of our home in the spring of 2017. We met with several other agents before we found Alissa at a local open house. We wanted to hire an agent who knew our specific neighborhood (East Richmond Heights) really well and had sold other homes in our area in the recent past, as well as someone with whom we had good chemistry. The other agents we met didn't have the right experience, weren't a good personality fit, or raised other red flags in our meetings with them. But Alissa fit the bill well from the start. We were also working with very tight budget and timeline parameters, and Alissa and her team worked hard to meet both our budget and our deadlines. Alissa has a professional and hardworking team of contractors, repair people, gardeners, cleaners, stagers, and photographers who transformed our home in a matter of weeks into something we were proud to show to the world! We received multiple offers, had a smooth escrow period, and got a final sale price we hadn't even dreamed of. We're very grateful for Alissa's hard work and would recommend her to other sellers in the East Richmond Heights/El Cerrito area."


-Shelly Meron


Buyer & Seller Testimonials:


"We highly recommend Alissa Custer. We worked with Alissa to sell our house in Kensington and purchase a bigger house in Berkeley. Alissa was knowledgable, responsive, calm and communicative throughout the process.  On the purchasing side we looked for a number of months for the right house and had very high expectations for size, location and aesthetic. Alissa was tuned into our desires and receptive to our preferences. When our dream house came on the market, Alissa was instrumental in quickly strategizing our approach and negotiating with the seller's agent. Alissa's insight and expertise was invaluable. We made a pre-emptive offer, had a quick closing and got the house of our dreams.  Alissa was pleasant and helpful throughout the process, even helping my daughter choose paint colors for her new room :)


On the selling side of our Kensington home, Alissa was diligent and dedicated to getting our home sold quickly and for a good price. Alissa managed all aspects of preparation of our home for sale working with her team of stagers, painters and landscape gardeners. She expertly handled the entire process.  Our house sold very quickly after multiple offers and once we accepted an all cash offer. Through both transactions, it was a pleasure to work with Alissa as she navigated our concerns and made the process less stressful. Alissa is quite talented and tuned into the local (crazy!) real estate market and has a keen ability to predict the selling value of homes."


-Miki Tal


"My husband and I scored the jackpot when we paired up with Alissa Custer of Marvin Gardens while looking for our first single-family home in El Cerrito. On our second outing together we found a home that we thought we had a good shot at. Alissa noticed things that we didn't, such as the listing agent was not from the immediate area, it was not on a brokers tour, and other details which helped us strategize a competitive offer which was accepted! She also used her knowledge of the local housing market and contacts with fantastic professionals with a net result of being able to negotiate the final price of the home down further based upon work that needed to be done but not disclosed at the onset. Alissa was thorough and responsive at every step of the way.


After we closed on our new home, it was a no-brainer that we wanted Alissa to be the listing agent for our condo property in Oakland that we moved out of. Alissa orchestrated everything from cleaning to painting to staging and made it as stress-free as possible for us. In the end we had 2 open houses, a short escrow period and prompt closing. Without hesitation should you use Marvin Gardens and Alissa Custer for your East Bay real estate needs!"


-Emily Bollinger


Buyer Testimonials:


"Alissa was an absolute pleasure to work with. Calm and collected, Alissa guided us through our second time home buying process with an incredible level of knowledge and expertise. She knew the Kensington, El Cerrito and Berkeley Hills area inside and out, and made the process seamless and successful. She was also an absolute pleasure to spend time with, and kindly accommodated our busy schedules.


When it came time to making an offer (and countering), she provided perfect guidance. In a competitive market, where houses get multiple offers, we sincerely believe (and know) Alissa played a key role in ours being accepted. She is incredibly well connected and an advocate for her clients - a clear reason why she is so successful.


Her help did not stop after we signed. She's kindly provided us with numerous recommendations for specialty workers (electrician, landscaper, etc.). All of which, have been fantastic.  


Alissa is simply the best. We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have found her and would recommend time and again! " 


-Chris Laughlin


"Alissa was extremely supportive in helping our little family find the perfect home in the El Cerrito/Richmond area. We met Alissa at an open house that fit all of our criteria, but because the Bay Area real estate scene is so crazy, we didn't realize that we were looking in the wrong price range. This is why having an agent is so important; their expertise regarding how the local area works is invaluable. We thought real estate websites alone would be enough, but websites can't come close to matching Alissa's expertise, friendliness, and professionalism.


She met with us to understand exactly what we were looking for, and made sure that we were all on the same page in terms of expectations, timelines, price points and neighborhoods. She understood what we were looking for, and did not steer us toward properties that were not suitable. She even helped us find an awesome broker. This was our first home and we could not have chosen a more perfect person to guide us through the process."


-Raynell Crews-Gamez


"Words can't express how grateful my family and I are to Alissa for helping us buy our home. I can't recommend Alissa highly enough to anyone looking to buy a house in the Easy Bay.


We found out in July that we were moving from New Jersey for a job in Kensington beginning at the end of August. We had a week to look at homes and make an offer, and while only the universe has the power to determine if an offer will be accepted, Alissa truly went above and beyond for us. She showed us homes that far exceeded our expectations and in our short timeframe and answered our every question with good humor, patience, and incredible competence. We wound up getting a home so far beyond our dreams for a great price, and Alissa even handled the inspections for us while we wrapped up our lives in New Jersey.


Alissa and the mortgage folks she recommended were incredibly helpful, patient, and long suffering in explaining every nook and cranny of the process. I had never bought a home before, so there was a lot to explain!


Alissa is a wonderful and warm person and a joy to work with. And our kids loved her, too!"


-Kristin Schmidt


"About 6 months ago I couldn't picture myself becoming a homeowner.  


The market was fierce and I didn't think I could find anything in my middle class price range.  It seemed that a few years of waiting would be required, until I could save up a lot more money. Fortunately for me, I mentioned my long-range home buying plan to Alissa Custer, who confidently pointed out several areas, where I might find the right home in line with my desires and budget.  


Alissa took an extraordinary amount of time in showing me all of the areas that would be the best value for my money and she showed a great depth of knowledge about the micro-trends for each neighborhood. In time, I felt knowledgeable and informed because of her.


She went beyond my expectations and managed to find a handful of great options in locations that I thought were out of my range. In the end, she found the perfect home that met all of my wishes and fell right within my budget.  On top of that, she did a lot of leg-work to find a lender who would work with me on my unique property (very tricky to finance), which made the whole purchase possible.


I owe her everything for helping me through this process and  I have repeatedly recommended her to all of my friends."


-Christopher Williams


"You can't go wrong with Alissa. She is everything you want in an agent: professional, personable, and knowledgeable of the market. After being out bid a few times and feeling like we didn't have a chance, we switched agents to Alissa, and everything fell into place. She had great insight and advice and quickly earned our trust. It paid off because our first offer with Alissa was accepted. She handled the closing with speed and care and helped us through the process. We closed in 20 days, and she made it feel easy. We now own a home we love and that is perfect for our family's needs, which 6 months ago felt completely unreachable. As homeowner, Alissa continues to be a great resource for vendors as we make some small home improvements. If you are looking to buy or sell in the East Bay, I highly recommend Alissa Custer and Marvin Gardens!"


-Charla Shaugnessy

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